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Ultra-fine Raymond mill processed slag can be used for cement concrete production
Date:2018-02-08 09:10 Author:Raymond Mill Manufacturer
With the exploitation of mines in China continues to increase, more and more mineral resources have been our mining, although these mineral resources make our life has greatly improved, such as solid waste slag and tailing produced but also more and more, a lot of the time this garbage is not timely treatment will accumulate in the suburbs that not only takes up a lot of land resources, but also caused a waste of mineral resources, so the reasonable utilization of slag can promote the healthy development of society. After scientific research, slag has been widely applied in the field of construction. Especially in the field of cement manufacturing, slag has become an important production aggregate.
Cement production mainly depends on the superfine Raymond mill slag powder production process, different fineness should be used for the production of different specifications of cement manufacturing. The water requirement of slag powder and cement mixing ratio, slag powder can reduce concrete water cement ratio, reduce the bleeding of concrete content, increase liquidity, improve the workability, pumpability, thus maintaining good workability, adding slag powder, on the one hand to reduce the amount of cement, is reduced. By internal corrosion factors; on the other hand, slag powder because of particles finer than cement can be uniformly dispersed into the slurry, these particles after hydration in cement filling voids, improve the concrete pore structure, decrease the permeability of concrete, effectively inhibit AAR, improve the resistance to sulfate, enhanced anti corrosion performance. In general, the ability to resist chemical corrosion has been improved and the durability of concrete is enhanced. So the slag powder can be replacing cement concrete, improve the work of fresh concrete, according to the different requirements of the use of concrete, slag powder can substitute 30-70% cement per cubic concrete can reduce the production cost of $2.5-4.5, other admixtures are unable to achieve this benefit.
Because slag plays an important role in cement production, the value of slag has also doubled. It has changed from useless garbage to priceless treasure. Superfine Raymond Mill plays an important role in the process of slag transformation. It is also important equipment in cement processing plant. Ultrafine Raymond mill itself constitutes a complete set of stone powder production line, which has many advantages in slag processing. Superfine Raymond mills to yield, fineness, high safety, energy saving and environmental protection is particularly important in modern powder processing enterprise application, properties of superfine Raymond mill has been many users praise, is a large cement factory, stone processing plant is the most ideal equipment.