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Dust treatment method for particle grinding powder of Raymond Mill
Date:2018-02-07 11:18 Author:Raymond Mill Manufacturer
Raymond mill processing of ore particles and mineral particles, high precision, stable operation, is an industrial mill in recent years, more fire, but with the increase of the requirements of environmental protection, improve the mill also continue to explore the invention, especially the dust emission collection problem, it is well known that powder processing granule is. Certainly will produce dust, but the good is that Raymond machine is a closed loop work, most of them are produced by powder dust collected together, but there are also some dust emissions into the air, how to solve this problem, in the grinding powder machine industry authority - Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Machinery most early with pulse type dust for.
The pulse precipitator can collect fine nano particles, play a beating effect by impulse vibration, and will not clog up the dust bag, so it is beneficial for collecting powder and ultrafine powder. Raymond Mill originally is a sign of round box bag filter, is only produced in the machine can process in the production process of the fine powder, but the dust inlet cannot handle, replace the pulse dust collector, all produced in the production process of powder, are collected together, the entire production workshop instant refreshing, workers can produce not wearing masks, the production environment, but also to protect the health of workers, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, which are multiple things, so, Raymond mill is equipped with the pulse dust remover is a foregone conclusion, the future development of the inevitable.