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What is Raymond finished product size and particle size?
Date:2018-02-06 11:01 Author:Raymond Mill Manufacturer
For sand grinding mill, the shape and particle of pulverizing powder grinder affect the price of grinding finished products. In our daily grinding production, the grain size and particle size of the powder will often be heard. So what is Raymond's grain size and particle size, what are the differences between them?
First of all, in the grinding powder Raymond, multi particle system, the average particle size is called particle size. The particle size is aimed at a single particle. In general, a "linear length", which represents its size, is called a particle size. Although these two concepts have some differences, but in the actual production of powder processing Raymond mill, we are accustomed to grain size and size of general. Secondly, for the case of Raymond mill grinding material, the particle size is generally divided into coarse, medium grained, fine, fine, fine and super sub. The corresponding processing technology is crushing, coarse grinding, fine grinding, ultrafine powder, chemical processing, etc. Another is the Raymond mill finished particle size, particle size detection method, based on practical experience, as well as the market commonly used detection methods, usually have a direct measurement and indirect measurement two. There are sieving and microscope methods for the detection of ultrafine powders.
However, no matter it is Raymond Mill's particle size or particle size, we should do efficient processing according to the user's production needs and the functional characteristics of the equipment used in the actual flour milling operation. The user in the processing of flour, should always pay attention to the fineness of powder, once found out particles is too thick, or too small, should be timely inspection of the equipment as soon as possible in order to solve the existing problems, to ensure the goods to Raymond grain size and size in the appropriate range.