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What caused the abnormal temperature rise of Raymond Mill parts?
Date:2018-04-16 14:22 Author:Raymond Mill Manufacturer
Raymond Mill is indispensable equipment in the milling industry. It is also a device with a wide range of uses. After a long-term investigation of the use of Raymond Machine, it has been found that bearings and rollers are the most easily damaged accessories. One of the reasons for the damage is that most of the causes of damage are due to factors such as wear and temperature, and if a problem occurs as an important part of the Raymond machine, the equipment will not work properly, resulting in slow production and reduced service life. After completing the specified tasks, the following analysis by a professional Raymond Mill manufacturer will lead to an analysis of factors that may cause abnormal temperature rises in Raymond Mill parts.
If the bearing temperature rises during operation, the most likely cause is excessive dirt and grease or lax sealing of the bearing area. This will increase the frictional resistance of the bearing, resulting in overheating, and will cause bearing wear. Causes a certain amount of wear. Secondly, if the temperature of the fan is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, Raymond Mill will not be able to work normally. In the long run, it will cause some damage to the equipment. Finally, when using the equipment, it is necessary to ensure daily maintenance and maintenance. This can effectively avoid Raymond Mill's high temperature of fittings and greatly reduce the occurrence of similar faults, to effectively improve the production efficiency and use of the equipment life.