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Raymond Mill Roller Mill Ring Details on Replacement
Date:2018-04-16 16:04 Author:Raymond Mill Manufacturer
Upon hearing the Raymond Mill, we are not unfamiliar. As the most common equipment in the industrial milling industry such as mining and metallurgy, it is also important equipment in the milling industry. The grinding roller ring is the most important in the Raymond Mill. The accessories play a crucial role in the Raymond machine's work, but also as an easily wearable part, it wears after a long time of use, and if it wears out, it needs to be replaced. The first reaction is to allow manufacturers to post-sale, in fact, this will not only delay the normal production, and manufacturers will charge a certain fee for replacement. Let's share some of the methods used by Raymond Roller Mill Rings at the time of replacement, hoping to help some manufacturers.
First of all, when disassembling the grinding roller, it is necessary to prepare the replacement roller first. Remember that the model should not be mistaken. When disassembling, the grinding roller is tapered, so when it is disassembled, it can be beaten with a hammer from top to bottom. If the oil seal is damaged or the dust is not good enough to cause the dust to enter, you can add a little oil, and then it will be easier when you hit it. When the disassembly is completed, clean the circumference of the roller first, and do not mix impurities or other dirt during the installation. When the installation is complete, add lube oil and do the sealing work, so that the grinding roller is successfully replaced, and normal production can be performed afterwards.