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Artificial marble equipment ultra fine mill price
Date:2018-04-13 16:09 Author:Raymond Mill Manufacturer
With the rapid development of artificial stone, the market has a bright future. Artificial marble is one of the high-quality building materials that is loved by the industry. It has created a frenzy of application in the field of decoration and is the first choice for customers to decorate building materials. For the current situation of artificial marble in milling, Zhengzhou Shuguang’s main reason for the selection of ultra-fine mills is scientific and reasonable. It is a dedicated artificial marble grinding machine. Under the background of the new era, Shuguang is at the forefront of the market. The forward-looking vision for development is to make Shuguang Foundation stronger and to continue to create even better grinding equipment for the non-metallic minerals industry.
Relevant statistics show that the annual output of ceramic tile is more than 10 billion square meters, and the annual output of natural stone is less than 1 billion square meters, while the annual output of artificial stone is less than 100 million square meters. Artificial stone can be said to be a kind of supplement of natural stone. Its standardization, standardization and industrialization characteristics are the same as those of ceramic tile. If it is well-guided, it must occupy more market share, and even become the protagonist of the home improvement market. In the future, building materials products are rich and colorful, and there will not be any single family. However, with the application of inorganic materials with long shaping cycles and strong anti-aging properties, the applicable range of artificial stone will be more extensive. As an artificial marble equipment manufacturer, Zhengzhou Shuguang has firmly grasped the huge market opportunities of artificial marble and used innovative thinking to develop higher-quality milling equipment to help the healthy development of the artificial marble industry.
Shuguang man-made marble superfine pulverizer has comprehensive mechanical crushing performances such as roller pressing, grinding and impact. It has large crushing ratio and high energy utilization rate. The entire equipment system includes crushing, conveying, milling, collection, storage and packaging. A complete production system, stable operation, equipped with grading system, unique grading wheel structure, good grading effect, good product granularity, and stable quality of finished products are the preferred equipment for processing 325-2500 mesh high-quality powders.