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Vertical roller mill-Products
Date:2017-11-21 16:58 Author:Raymond Mill Manufacturer

  Vertical roller mill:

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Vertical roller mill is short for grinding, which is used for cement raw material, cement clinker, slag and cinder mill. It has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost and low cost. Device and driving device includes the body, a millstone, between the body and mill plant with the centering of the rotary center determine structure, mill equipment of fixed set at the bottom of the rotary guide, slewing mill device through the rotary guide rail support on the body, the mill device connected to the gear transmission. Due to drive don't support the weight of the mill and the grinding pressure high axial load, so common decelerator gear can be used, which possesses the advantages of compact structure configuration, reliable operation, can shorten the grinding time, reduce the use of equipment and maintenance costs.
Design principle
The effect of grinding disk and grinding roll curvature on grinding capacity and unit power consumption is studied in order to determine the optimum grinding curvature. To mill and pressure framework is mainly for large parts of the structure under static and dynamic load analysis and calculation, the section size optimization to determine the stress frame, find the millstone, is advantageous to the pouring process of average stress distribution on the best shape, and fully consider the influence of thermal stress.The concentration of the selected powder area and the control of particle motion are mainly considered, so as to limit the occurrence of irregular physical activity in the mill, reduce the circulation load from the surface, and improve the grinding efficiency.
Vertical mill is a large roller pressure system to realize the mass pulverization of the material. The superiority of the grinding machine is the large scale and the automation of the operation. At present domestic market, vertical mill powder in various powder.
Process flow
According to the position of humidification tower and dust collector, there are two different arrangement schemes, namely the three fan system and the dual fan system. Use cyclone dust collector for product collection. This arrangement can reduce the negative pressure of the system and the amount of gas passed through the dust collector. The dust collector can also be used as the final dedusting equipment. The dust collecting device used can be the dust collector or bag collector, and the grinding gas directly goes into the dust collector, which reduces the number of equipment and simplifies the system configuration.
Working principle of vertical roller mill:
The motor drives the grinding disc through the speed reducer, and the material through the lock air feeder falls in the middle of the grinding disc, while the hot air enters the mill from the air inlet. Rotation as a millstone, material under the action of centrifugal force, the mill edge, through by circular groove on the mill roller compaction and crushing, after crushing material on the edge of the mill bring up by the wind ring of high-speed flow, larger particles directly into to grinding mill, material in air through the upper separator under the effect of the rotating rotor, the coarse powder from the cone hopper fall to mill grinding, qualified fine powder with airflow grinding, through collecting dust collecting device, namely for the product, contain moisture materials are in the process of contact with the hot air flow drying, by adjusting the hot blast temperature, can satisfy the requirement of different humidity material, water reach the required products. By adjusting separator, the thickness of different products can be achieved.