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Raymond Mill
Date:2017-08-15 11:26 Author:Raymond Mill Manufacturer

  Raymond mill:




Brief Introduction

After many years of practice and improvement,raymond mill structure is getting perfect day by day.
For low consumption,low investment,environment friendly,small occupation area,and more efficient than the traditional mill,it is widely used in the field of metallurgy,building materials,chemical industry and mining to process powder.The series is used in grinding the non-flammable and non-explosive stuff which has the Mohs hardness below 9.3,humidity less than 6%,such as gypsum,talc,calcite,limestone,marble,feldspar,barite,dolomite,granite,kaolin,bentonite,bauxite,iron ore etc.,the final products change from 125 micron to 44 micron.Through the function of separator and blower,it can meet different customer demand.

Operation caution

Air controlling:
Located on the fan inlet air flow control valve should be opened to the maximum position generally,according to the output and fineness,it can be adjusted properly.The controlling valve in the fan tube should be transferred to the mouth of the feed dust-free is appropriate.Small amount of air and high fineness.

Fineness adjusting:
Depending on the nature of the material differences between powder and the required fineness of the finished product requirements,regulate the motor above the analyzer,high speed to make sure high fineness,slow speeds so that the fineness is slow;it can meet requirements of the fineness and yield with air volume controlling,you can adjust the fan speed in exceptional cases.

Use and matters need attention:
1.Host oil cup should be refueled 2 times per shift.Roller bearings should be buttered one time per shift.
2.The main motor,fan,analyzer bearing should be buttered once a week.
3.Feed rate should seek uniform,should be determined by the material's hardness,15-20mm is appropriate.
4.Non-metal material into the machine to avoid damage to parts.
5.Stop feeding before stopping the machine for a minute,then stop the main motor and then stop the fan and analyzer.
6.The machine should be opened before starting to observe the hole,clean up debris,air start unit testing machine when the parties place before the normal feed production,identify problems and downtime,trouble shooting.