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Product summary: Description: The plastic shredder, also known as the versatile large plastic shredder, reduces material size by she...


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The plastic shredder, also known as the versatile large plastic shredder, reduces material size by shearing, tearing and squeezing. The plastic shredder produced by our company is a series of large-scale plastic shredders with mature technology and advanced design after years of research and practice, and based on the actual situation in China.

Working principle:

The plastic shredder is a versatile and versatile machine with a standardized modular design. When working, the material is delivered to the running plastic shredder, which is shredded by a specific blade. The internal design of the device is The filter device, when the plastic shredder works normally, the filter acts to separate the material and the liquid, so that the liquid remaining on the bottle can be effectively recycled.


Plastic shredder can be widely used in the plastic industry for all kinds of back wall waste materials, scraping and recycling of scraps, such as: mineral water bottles, PET bottles, oil bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic cloth, plastic boxes, etc. .


1. Thick and heavy moving knives, high crushing efficiency, the tools are all cast with alloy steel, which has long service life.

2, the frame plate is thick, can resist high torque, very strong.

3. The independent control electric box adopts microcomputer PLC automatic control, and sets start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reversal control functions. The whole system complies with CE safety standards

4. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise and dust to meet environmental protection standards.

5. The reducer is equipped with rubber vibration-damping protection transmission parts. The guide box and guide block of the push-box can be replaced and adjusted to keep the material pushed smoothly, ensuring the seal of the shredded warehouse, easy to adjust, low maintenance cost and economical and durable.

6. The thickness of the tool and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials. The movable knife can be used at multiple angles for replacement. The fixed knife can be adjusted to maintain the gap with the movable knife.

7. The plastic shredder is small in size and easy to move; manual operation, simple and safe; the built-in garbage bag is fixed with a lock, stable and not easy to slip, and the equipment is durable.

Techical Data:

Feed Size(mm)
length * width * height
Blade Size
      Diameter(mm) Thickness(mm)
SG600 ﹤500*500*3 7.5-18.5 300-600 20-40
SG800 ﹤700*700*5 15-45 300-600 20-40
SG1000 ﹤800*800*8 30-55 300-700 30-100
SG1200 ﹤1000*800*10 30-90 300-700 40-100
SG1500 ﹤1000*1200*20 37-90 400-700 40-100
SG1800 ﹤1200*1500*25 55-110 500-700 40-100
SG2000 ﹤1500*1600*30 90-132 500-700 50-100
Note 1:The final configuration of each model is determined by the size of the blade;
Note 2:The size of feed material must be within the tearing capacity of each model;
Note 3:The size of finished materials produced by different size cutters is different;
Note 4:No matter what kind of material needs to be fed evenly;
Note 5:Solid metal materials must be customized according to material size.

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