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Product summary: Introduction: Putty powder mixer, also known as putty powder mixer, is a professional production equipment that mix...


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Putty powder mixer, also known as putty powder mixer, is a professional production equipment that mixes fly ash powder, gypsum powder, carboxymethyl fiber powder, retarder, thickener and other raw materials into putty powder. Of course, it is also possible to stir all kinds of dry materials, putty powder, mortar, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, etc., especially after the equipment is improved from the vertical mixing to the horizontal mixing principle, and the production efficiency is steadily increased, so that the equipment can go into more Multi-user hands.

Working principle:

The putty powder mixer moves the spiral belt with the high-efficiency and rapid mixture under the spiral shaft of the stirring shaft, so that the inner and outer spiral belts turn the animal material in a wide range, the inner spiral belt moves the material to both sides, and the outer spiral belt moves the material from both sides. The inner movement causes the material to be blended back and forth, and the other material is pushed by the spiral belt to move radially along the axial direction to form a convection cycle. Due to the agitation of the above motion, the material is quickly and uniformly mixed in a short period of time.

Performance characteristics:

1. The mixing speed is fast, the multi-layer ribbon is used for stirring, the overall movement of the material is fast, the output is high, and the average stirring time is 5-10 minutes;

2. A multi-purpose machine can also produce thermal insulation mortar, putty paste, plaster, real stone paint, etc.

3. The maintenance rate is low, the bearings are at both ends of the mixer, the material is not easy to enter, equipped with a reducer, and the maintenance rate is low.

4. High mixing uniformity, multi-directional movement of materials, multi-layer spiral belt, no dead angle of mixing, high uniformity and good quality;

5. Small footprint, automatic feeding device to improve work efficiency.

6. U-shaped cylinder structure, stable operation, low noise, long service life and wide application range;

7. The inner and outer multi-layer screws are used to bring back the stirring, no dead angle, fast mixing speed and high uniformity;

8. The putty powder mixer adopts spiral lifting to feed, the feeding port and the ground are flush, and the feeding is convenient;

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