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Production Introduction

Construction waste sorter is also known as construction waste separator, construction waste sorter and construction waste screener. Its function is well known that the characteristics of construction waste are complex components, such as cement blocks, bricks, clay, light organic matter (plastics, fibers, wood, etc.). These components have great differences in softness and hardness, and traditional treatment. It is difficult to separate various components by this method, and the final product is also unstable due to its complex components, and its use place is limited. How to effectively separate the mixtures in the construction waste is the key and difficult point of the recycling and reuse of the construction waste. These problems are no longer a big problem in Shuguang Heavy Machinery's construction waste sorter.

Construction waste sorting machine is also known as construction waste separator. Its main function is to separate all kinds of substances mixed in construction waste, so as to carry out deep processing.
Mobile construction waste crushing station is flexible, convenient and flexible, which can save a lot of capital construction and relocation costs. It can crush materials on site and move along with the advancement of raw material mining face, thus greatly reducing the transportation costs of materials. It specializes in producing rock crushing and mineral processing equipment such as crushing, screening and transportation.

Fixed construction waste treatment equipment consists of a set of crushing and screening production lines, including construction waste crusher, vibration screen, conveyor and so on. The concrete, waste bricks and stones in construction waste are treated and processed so as to realize the reuse of resources. Transit Dawn has developed fixed construction waste treatment equipment for many years. Quality assurance can provide a resource-based design scheme according to the actual situation of customers.

Working principle 
1. The construction waste sorter uses the separating device of brick and concrete blocks in the material, including a shell, which is internally fixed with an organic frame, and the frame is installed in the shell through a support set at the bottom.
2. Eccentric vibration mechanism and sieve plate are installed on the frame. Eccentric vibration mechanism is located below the sieve plate and connected with the sieve plate through articulated transmission rod. Eccentric vibration mechanism is connected with the motor to drive the sieve plate to vibrate in elliptical trajectory.
3. The lower end of the sieve plate is connected with the brick outlet, the higher end of the sieve plate is connected with the concrete outlet, and the lower end of the brick outlet and the concrete outlet is extended from the shell.
4. Blowing equipment is fixed at the lower part of the construction waste sorting frame.
5. The shell above the frame is provided with an inlet opening and an outlet for discharging miscellaneous materials.
6. Construction waste sorter can realize the stratification and relative movement of bricks and concrete blocks in building waste recycling materials, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic sorting.
Significance of using construction waste sorter:
1. Before the disposal and reuse of construction waste, it is necessary to sort out the useful components and use them, and separate the harmful ones.
2. According to the physical or chemical properties of construction waste (including particle size, density, gravity, magnetism, electricity, elasticity, etc.), different sorting methods are adopted, including screening, photoelectric sorting, friction and elasticity sorting, and the simplest and most effective manual sorting. 
Highlighting Advantages
1. Functions include sorting, conveying, air selection, recycling, etc.
2. A set of pretreatment equipment can be equipped with one or more refuse microbial treatment equipment. Hourly processing capacity is 1 ton, 2 tons, 3 tons and other specifications, other specifications can be customized according to needs.
3. Humanized garbage sorting (customization) platform to further screen construction and domestic garbage.
4. Frequency conversion speed regulation is used to transfer materials, low speed and high torque crushing and pressing, low noise operation.
5. When encountering large solid objects, the PLC automatically controls the positive and negative turn, and brings alarm to avoid malfunction.
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