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Product summary: Application: It is mainly used for crushing and processing of mineral products such as metallurgy, building materia...


Product details


It is mainly used for crushing and processing of mineral products such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining, etc., separation of impurities, crushing slaked lime, bentonite, talc, gypsum, activated carbon, humic acid, clay, graphite, iron oxide red, bean cake, compound fertilizer, rare earth Etc., the pulverization and separation of various non-flammable and explosive materials with Mohs hardness below 3 and humidity less than 6%.


1. The coarsest grain size of the finished product can reach 0.613mm (30 mesh), and the finest material can reach 0.033mm (425 mesh). The minimum amount of material can reach 0.013mm (1000 mesh).

2. Mohs hardness is less than 3 grades.

3. The dust removal effect can reach the national dust emission standard.

4, fineness analysis machine, impurity separator adjustment is convenient.

5. The spindle device adopts stacked multi-stage sealing and has good sealing performance.

Technical data:


 80   100   125   150 

Main motor power(kw)

22 22 30 37

Fan motor power(kw)

11 15 22 30

Analyze motor power(kw)

2.2 2.2 5.5 7.5

Grain size(mesh)

60-400 60-400 60-400 60-400


2-4 3.5-7 5-10 7-15

Structure and principle:

The machine is a vertical combined type pulverizer, which is composed of a main machine, a fan, a fineness analyzer, a dust collector, a dust removing and distributing device and a pipe.

Inside the main engine, there are four rows of twelve hammerheads arranged one above the other. The inner wall is equipped with a high-manganese-type liner. The material enters the crushing chamber on the upper part. The high-speed impact and shearing action between the hammerhead and the liner makes the material reach the required fineness. Then, it is separated by the fineness analyzer and then taken away with the airflow, and the impurity particles are discharged at the lower discharge port.

Simple workflow:

After the material is fed at the upper end of the main machine, it is pulverized by the crushing chamber to reach the fineness. After being analyzed by the analyzer, the fineness is driven by the airflow into the finished powder collecting and unloading device, and the wind is taken out by the induced draft fan and then enters the main machine. Circulate back and forth, excess air is filtered through the dust collector and discharged.

Fineness adjustment:

The upper end of the fan is equipped with a valve that can adjust the air volume, so that the air volume is small, the fineness is high, and the air volume is large, the fineness is low.

In addition, the upper end of the main machine is equipped with an analyzer. The high speed of the analysis is fine, the fineness is fine, and the fineness is thicker without the analysis port.

Installation and maintenance:

1. There should be a cement foundation under the machine, and the cement surface should be flat. (see the base map)

2. The connection part of the equipment should be sealed and there should be no air leakage. So as not to cause large dust.

3. Add calcium-based grease to the bearing parts and refuel once per shift.

4. The symmetry error of the hammer head of the crushing chamber should not exceed 20 grams, otherwise it will cause machine vibration. If the wearing parts are seriously worn, they should be replaced in time.

5. The feeding should be even and proper in operation to stabilize the load, prevent overload and burn out the electrical appliances.

6. Do not mix extremely hard impurities such as iron nails and iron blocks in the material to prevent damage to the machine.

7. The closed baffle of the discharge port should be tightly sealed, and the air should not be sucked inward to avoid causing the feed port to spray outward and affect the output.

8. The moisture content of the material should not exceed 5 percent to avoid low yield and adhesion to the pipe wall.

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