Detailed explanation of the working principle of the high-fine mill

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Release time:2018-07-13

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High-fine grinding machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used to process high-fine powder. It can be seen in the industrial grinding industry such as metallurgy, mining, building materials and chemical industry. With the development of the grinding industry, high-fine grinding The machine has become an indispensable part. The advantages of high output, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection of the equipment have been favored by the majority of users, and more and more users have invested and used the equipment. The working principle of the mill, the following is a professional manufacturer to give you a detailed analysis.

Before the high-fine grinding machine is working, it is necessary to first screen the materials, clean out the materials and impurities that do not meet the production, and then add the materials from the feeding port to the milling machine after work, and then according to the grinding roller device on the plum blossom frame. According to the centrifugal force, the blade feeds the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and then finishes the grinding operation after continuous rolling and rolling, and then passes the analysis machine to filter the materials, only the qualified materials will be After entering the collector, the unqualified materials are returned to the grinding chamber for grinding, and the collected materials are discharged from the powder outlet, so that the finished materials are produced.

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