How to correctly avoid the failure of the sand making machine

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Release time:2021-04-22

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If a good equipment fails in the production process, it will seriously delay the production efficiency, then how to avoid the failure of the sand making machine, I hope that the following will be helpful to everyone.

In the initial use, if the sand making machine operates improperly, various failures will inevitably occur, which directly affects the later production efficiency and the service life of the equipment. Therefore, how to operate the sand making machine correctly is very important in the production line.

Before the sand making machine is first put on the market and is ready for operation, it must be tested, that is, without adding materials, make it run for a period of time under no-load conditions to run in the parts between the machines. To avoid load production as much as possible, the main reason is that if load work is carried out, it may cause damage to parts and early failures. The feeding and discharging of the sand making machine must be controlled well to avoid the phenomenon of too much or too little and too fast or too slow discharge, which is not conducive to the normal operation of the equipment and can also improve production efficiency. Equipment lubrication should also be done in a timely and appropriate amount to reduce component wear. Regularly check equipment operating conditions, and maintain or replace components as appropriate.

The correct operation of the sand making machine in production is very important, and it directly affects the entire production process. Under the condition of continuous technological improvement, if it can run in well in the early stage and operate correctly,then it can greatly reduce the failure of the sand making machine in production.

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