What are the small Raymond mill models

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Release time:2020-03-17

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The small Raymond mill is a more commonly used milling machine. It appeared earlier, has stable performance, easy operation, low operating costs, and is relatively cheap. It has always had a strong market share. A device can occupy the market for decades, and it has not been eliminated. It must have its advantages. Today, the Raymond mill has undergone generational changes, its performance has been upgraded, and it has become more and more fierce with competition. , Its price is also cheaper, and is loved by users. What are the small Raymond mill models? Is it expensive? Let's take a look.

1.4119 Raymond Mill

This is a commonly used small mill, with an output of 8-78 tons / shift. It is the first generation of Raymond mill, which has stood the test of time, has stable performance, and is cheap. It is still very popular today.

2.HGM88, HGM95 ultra-fine Raymond mill

This is a new Raymond mill with an output of 1.3-7 tons / hour. Compared with the traditional Raymond mill, its performance is upgraded, the output is higher, and the fineness of the finished product can reach more than 800 mesh. , The equipment is more durable, the sealing performance is higher, and the degree of automation is higher.

3.High strength 62, high strength 66, high strength 76 Raymond mill

The output is 0.6-25 tons / shift. Compared with the traditional Raymond mill, its finished powder is finer, and the special device in the machine can be adjusted to produce coarse powder of 30-80 mesh, which is cost-effective.

Choosing the right model can bring out the greater value of the equipment and is the basis for your higher income. Only by knowing the nature of your raw materials, output requirements, finished product requirements, investment budget, etc. can you choose more suitable equipment.

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