Main components of mobile stone crushing plant

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Release time:2020-04-20

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Common mobile stone crushing plant mainly include: crusher, screening system, debris sorting installation, vibrating feed equipment, self-propelled installation and other five parts. Below we will analyze the functions and characteristics of these five components in detail.

(1) Crusher

In the mobile crushing plant, the crusher is the main equipment, and crushing and disposal of construction waste is its main task. Medium-hardness materials are the main characteristics of construction waste, with low viscosity and no excessively high requested water content. Therefore, it must be ensured that the equipment for stone crushing requests will be applied in the construction waste recycling and disposal mobile crusher. In order to improve the performance of the recycled aggregate, the granular material should be broken out, effectively reducing the content of the sheet material and ensuring that the particles can be evenly distributed. Therefore, the performance, efficiency and material size of the crusher should be controlled in accordance with the corresponding specifications and scope.

(2) Screening system

In order to manufacture high-quality recycled aggregates, if it is difficult to complete the primary crushing according to the request, the secondary crushing must be stopped. This requires the addition of a screening system, stopping the selection of larger-grain concrete blocks, and then going to the crusher guarantee delivery, stop the crushing equipment again, to ensure the effective disposal of construction waste.

(3) Sorting and installation of debris

A lot of debris exists in construction waste, especially a lot of waste iron wire and waste steel material exist in reinforced concrete. The impact of recycled concrete aggregate performance is reduced.

(4) Vibration feeding equipment

If construction waste is directly put into the crusher, it will have a huge impact on the crusher. If it is done for a long time, it will cause uneven stress and affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to install a vibrating feeder before the crusher is installed. The advantage of the vibrating feeder is that it can feed evenly. After vibrating the material, move forward and gradually enter the crusher. If the particles of construction waste are small, they will fall in the gap between the rods and play a role in screening.

(5) Self-propelled installation

Tire-type and crawler-type walking mechanisms are two important walking mechanisms in mobile crushing plants. The tire-type walking mechanism is convenient for walking on ordinary highways, has a small turning radius, can be quickly stationed in the construction site, has high equipment sensitivity, and saves time. The crawler-type walking mechanism can walk smoothly, has a low ground pressure, and can effectively comply with wetland and mountain environments. Usually the application of full hydraulic drive system is stopped, it has high reliability and large driving force.

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