How to make the output of sand making machine equipment stable

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Release time:2021-04-25

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Grasp the following four methods to stabilize the output of sand making machine equipment:

1. Ensure voltage stability. A stable voltage is the basic guarantee for the work of the jaw crusher. If the working voltage of the stone sand making machine is too low, the speed of the motor will drop, and it will not be able to provide enough power for the normal operation of the sand making equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the voltage. Ensure the stability of the power supply voltage and provide conditions for the good production of the stone sand making machine.

2. Regularly check the wear and tear of accessories. The wear and tear of parts has a greater impact on the output. When the sand equipment accessories such as tooth plates and hammers are worn out, the working stability of the sand making machine equipment will decrease, and the crushing efficiency of materials will also decrease, so users should check regularly. The wear and tear of accessories should be repaired and replaced in time.

3. The motor wiring is correct. If the connection position of the motor of the sand making machine is reversed, or the delta connection of the motor is connected to the star connection, it will cause the main machine to rotate in the wrong direction, causing damage to the rotor hammer of the sand making machine and the sand making machine. We must ensure that the motor wiring is correct, increase the strength of the sand making machine against materials, and increase the output of the sand making machine equipment.

4. The selection and addition of materials will also affect the output of the sand making machine. The material should be moderate, too wet or too dry, which is not conducive to the ideal operation of the sand making machine.When the sand making machine is in operation, do not add materials too fast or too slowly. Even addition is beneficial to increase the output.

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