Several derusting skills of sand making machine

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Release time:2021-04-16

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There are four main methods to remove sand making machine rust:

1. Chemical rust removal method: A rust removal method that mainly uses acid to react with metal oxides to remove rust products on the metal surface of the sand making machine.It is commonly referred to as pickling and rust removal, this rust removal can only be operated in the workshop;

2. High-pressure water abrasive rust removal: use the impact of high-pressure water jets (plus the grinding action of abrasives) and water skid to remove the rust and coating on the steel plate of the sand making machine. It is characterized by no dust pollution, no damage to the steel plate, greatly improving the rust removal efficiency, up to 15m2/h, and good rust removal quality. However, the steel plate after derusting is easy to return to rust, and special wet derusting paint must be painted, which will have a greater impact on the coating of general performance paint;

3. Small-scale pneumatic or electric rust removal: mainly powered by electricity or compressed air, equipped with an appropriate rust removal device to perform reciprocating or rotating motion to meet the requirements of rust removal in various occasions;

4. Apply anti-oxidation paint: apply mineral oil, paint or fire enamel or spray on the surface of iron products. Use electroplating, hot-dipping and other methods to plate a layer of metal that is not easy to rust, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc. These metal surfaces can form a dense oxide film to prevent iron products from rusting when they come in contact with water, air and other substances. Chemical methods can also be used to form a dense and stable oxide film on the surface of iron products to prevent iron products from rusting.

Anti-rust method:

1. Electroplating heat method. Metal materials that are not easy to rust on the surface of the sand making machine are electroplated or heated, such as aluminum, zinc, etc. After these metal materials are plated, a dense oxide film can be formed on the surface of the sand making machine,so as to make the material of the sand making machine not in contact with water and air,so there will be no rust;

2. Coating method. Coating oily materials, paint, etc. on the surface of the sand making machine can isolate the iron of the sand making machine from external water and oxygen, thereby achieving oxidation and rusting of the sand making machine;

3. Material law. General sand making machines are made of iron. In order to prevent rust, we can use alloy materials to produce sand making machines, which can fundamentally solve the problem of rusting of sand making machines;

4. Environmental law. The rust of the sand making machine is generally due to the oxidation reaction between iron and water, so by keeping the working environment of the sand making machine dry, it can also prevent the sand making machine from rusting.

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