How to reduce the wear of the hammer of the sand making machine

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Release time:2021-04-14

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With the long-term operation of the sand making machine, various parts will experience varying degrees of wear, especially key parts such as the blower, liner, and rotor body protection plate. So, how to reduce the abrasion of the hammer of the sand making machine and make it have a longer service life?

1. Use better quality materials

The better the quality of the material, the better the wear resistance and toughness, and the longer the service life. In order to achieve better sand making results and a longer service life, in addition to the better material of the hammer,it also needs matching, which can also save a lot of costs for users.

2. Scientific structure and reasonable manufacturing process

The difference in structure and manufacturing process will result in different overall performance of the blow bar, and will also affect the wear resistance and service life of the blow bar, especially for thick blow bars, because the thicker the blow bar,the worse the wear resistance, the more reasonable structure and higher craftsmanship is needed to manufacture.

3. Reasonable control of processing capacity

In actual production, the processing capacity of the sand making machine should be reasonably controlled. The stronger the processing capacity, the higher the rotor speed, and the greater the impact of the blower, which will increase the wear of the blower.

4. Reasonably adjust the discharge gap

The discharge gap should be adjusted reasonably according to the production requirements, and the discharge gap will affect the degree of wear of the blower.

5. The installation of the plate hammer should be reasonable, and the sand making machine should be checked in time

In the process of work, the hammer will receive the impact force from the stone. If the installation and fixing are not reasonable, it will not only affect the sand making results, cause equipment failure, but also increase the wear of the blow bar. Therefore, the plate hammer should not only be properly handled during installation and fixation, but also be checked in time during the work process. If eccentricity or wear is found, it should be adjusted and replaced in time.

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