Precautions and professional operation of sand making machine

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Release time:2021-04-12

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Sand making machine production is a professional job, it requires a lot of equipment to complete the work together, it requires the operator to have professional operating skills,because if there is a problem in the production process, it will involve several kinds of equipment and it will be more troublesome to deal with.Therefore, we need to do all the preparations before production, and after the preparations are ready, we can follow the steps.

First of all, the main motor is started. At this time, we need to pay attention to the current value on the control cabinet. After experiencing the high peak value, it will slowly return to the normal operating current.Normally, for stable operation, the current value cannot exceed the rated value for a long time.Next, the feeder can be turned on. At the same time, according to the size of the material block and the operation of the sand making machine, the revolving belt at the feeder can be adjusted to adapt to the current feeding,so as to obtain a more efficient operation rate.

In this process, one thing we need to pay attention to is that in the crushing cavity, the thickness of the material needs to reach 2/3 of the height of the crushing cavity, while the diameter of the material block is maintained at 1/2- of the width of the feed opening. At 3/5, at this time, the crushing effect of the sand making machine on the ore is great. If the particle size of the material is not effectively controlled, it is easy to cause blockage, which will cause the equipment to wear and damage.Therefore, we need to check the operation of the sand making machine from time to time, so as to deal with these situations that endanger the efficient production of the equipment in time.

Due to the possibility of accidents in the actual production process of the sand making machine equipment, this requires us to strictly follow the operating procedures to avoid errors. If a failure occurs, it will cause serious consequences, and you need to stop the machine to check the equipment, which is to check the entire equipment. At the same time, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment in peacetime, regularly check the equipment, eliminate all faults, and ensure that the equipment runs efficiently at all times. Does the sand making machine equipment have any requirements for the foundation? Similar to the sand making machine equipment, vibration is inevitable because it will produce vibration during work. Sand making machine equipment generally has requirements for the foundation. Sand making machine equipment can not be put on the ground casually and can be used. Small-sized sand making machine equipment does not have very high requirements on the foundation, while large-sized sand making machine equipment has very high requirements on the foundation.

The working environment of sand making machine equipment is relatively harsh, so users must handle the foundation well. For example, when the water level under the ground level is low in some areas, the foundation should be made higher,that is to say, the base part is built above the ground level.

Regarding the large-scale sand making machine equipment, it is necessary to make the foundation according to the foundation plan given by the manufacturer, and then install the equipment on the foundation to avoid the occurrence of oscillation or even skewing of the equipment during work.

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