Principle of sand making machine transmission device

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Release time:2021-04-10

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Scientific and reasonable design, superb technology, high-quality material selection, and considerate after-sales services are one of the necessary service factors for a formal sand making machine equipment manufacturer. The core part of the sand making machine equipment is the rotating device, and the principle is introduced as follows.

In general, for high-speed sand making equipment, the gear rotating device has a higher speed, and the roller speed is less than 3m/s. When the gears rotate, ensure that the gears coincide. The motor in the rotating device drives the rollers to rotate in opposite directions through a V-belt and a gear reduction device. Gears are generally steel castings, which are composed of two semi-circular gears. The large gear is a core component and is scientifically maintained during operation. When the gear is installed, it should be operated strictly in accordance with the standards to ensure normal operation, stability, good durability, and reasonable standards.

Generally speaking, the rotating device of the sand making machine equipment is relatively reasonable, and one of the high-quality components can improve the overall performance of the equipment.

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