Impact crusher type and how to choose the appropriate impact crusher

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Release time:2020-04-29

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The impact crusher is a commonly used equipment in the sand and stone crushing industry. When processing different materials, different production capacity requirements, and different working conditions, users can choose different types of impact crushers. Well,what are commonly used impact crusher models?

Type of impact crusher

1. PF impact crusher

PF impact crusher is one of the earlier ones in various types of impact crusher,which is suitable for processing various types of medium and low hardness stones with a particle size not greater than 800mm and a compressive strength not greater than 350MPa. There are many models with 30-800 tons / hour production capacity,and the commonly used models are PF-1210, PF-1214, PF-1315, PF-1520 and so on.

2. HD German version impact crusher

HD German version impact crusher is developed by the introduction of German mining machine technology, with greater crushing force and crushing ratio, easy to maintain. The maximum production capacity is 670 tons per hour, the maximum feed is 1300mm when processing soft materials, and the maximum feed is 500mm when processing hard materials. Commonly used models are HD1315 and HD1520.

3. CJ European version impact crusher

The CJ European version impact crusher is a very advanced crusher equipment. It uses high wear-resistant materials to extend the service life of the equipment. The refined rotor and cavity shape, speed, and power match are reasonable, making the finished product more beautiful.Its maximum capacity can reach 2000 tons.

4. Mobile impact crusher

Mobile impact crusher is a combination of fixed crusher and mobile frame, which can achieve free walking. It is suitable for users with scattered sites and frequent field changes. If you don't want frequent capital construction and do not want to move materials for long distances, want to pursue more efficient and labor-saving crushed stone production, mobile impact crusher will also be your good choice.

Instructions for the purchase of impact crusher

There are many types of impact crushers, each of which has its own unique performance and better scope of application. Users can choose according to their own needs, but you need to understand the following points before purchasing the machine:

1. Impact crusher is suitable for low and medium hardness stones. If it is used to crush high hardness stones such as quartz stone and granite, it will cause excessive wear and reduce the service life of the equipment.

2. If your gravel site is relatively narrow, or you need to change the site frequently, it is recommended that you use mobile impact crusher; on the contrary, if your site is fixed throughout the year and there are no special processing requirements, we recommend that you use fixed impact crusher, as more economical and affordable.In short, different market needs to adapt to different equipment, users need to choose a reasonable type.

How to choose your own impact crusher

1. Reasonable choice according to the construction site

Before purchasing equipment, users need to figure out their site size, whether there are strict requirements for impact crusher size, to avoid the situation that the purchased equipment is too large to be used normally.

2. Choose according to your needs

The actual processing situation of each user is different, and the applicable equipment is also different. Before buying equipment, users need to understand their material attributes, material sizes, capacity requirements, finished product specifications, etc., and choose the appropriate equipment according to their own needs. .

3. Rational choice based on budget cost

Different impact crusher types have different prices. Generally, the more advanced the configuration, the better the performance and the greater the capacity of the equipment, the more expensive the price. Users should act according to their own circumstances and use funds reasonably.

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