Introduction to the four main rust removal methods of sand making machine

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Release time:2021-04-23

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With the continuous reduction of artificial sand and the increasing demand for sand and gravel, it will happen that artificial sand and gravel replace natural sand and gravel, so that the role of sand making production lines will become more apparent. The sand making machine is an important equipment in the sand making production line, which has a great influence on the production efficiency and sand making effect of the entire production line. Due to the harsh working conditions of the sand making machine and the need to use it for a long time, rust will occur. This will reduce the production efficiency and affect the normal use of the equipment. Therefore, the problem of rust removal must be paid attention to.

There are four main methods for rust removal of sand making machines: one is to use chemical rust removal, which is actually pickling rust removal. This method is very practical, but only suitable for operation in the workshop; the second method is high water pressure abrasives rust removal uses impact and water skiing to achieve the purpose of rust removal. The advantage is that there is no dust pollution, but it is easy to return to rust after rust removal. Therefore, special wet rust removal materials must be applied; small air-driven and electric rust removal It is the third method, which can be applied to any place; the fourth method of rust removal is to apply anti-oxidation paint to prevent the equipment from contacting air and water, so that it will not rust. It is a once and for all method.

The above sand making machine rust removal methods are very practical, here to remind all users, in order to prevent the equipment from rusting, whether it is used or idle, it should be maintained and maintained.

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