How to configure a 200 tons per hour limestone crusher plant

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Release time:2020-04-28

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Limestone is often used to process aggregates due to its huge natural stock, wear resistance, and weathering resistance. It is used in medicine, construction, highways, and other industries. Of course, the assistance of various equipment is indispensable, such as crushing equipment and screening equipment. How to configure a complete 200-ton limestone crusher plant per hour?

What equipment does the limestone crushing production line have?

Crushing equipment: due to the low hardness of limestone, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, etc. are generally selected for crushing treatment

Feeder: responsible for feeding the limestone ore into the crushing chamber of the crusher. The feeder can realize automatic feeding and save more labor costs

Belt: Responsible for the transportation of materials. The specific configuration of several conveyor belts in a limestone crushing production line needs to be combined with working conditions and processing needs.

Vibrating screen: The finished product processed by the crusher belongs to the mixed material. The finished product of different specifications can be screened by the screening machine. If it meets the requirements, the next step is entered. .

Limestone crushing process

The large pieces of limestone are first fed into the coarse crusher crusher by the feeder, and processed through the coarse crusher to below 100mm. Coarse crushing; if users want finer aggregates, they need to enter the fine crusher for processing. Those that do not meet the requirements are also screened out by the sieving machine and sent back to the fine crusher to continue fine crushing until they are qualified. Finished products are stacked on the ground or silo!

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