What is the reason for the deformation of limestone spindle by Raymond mill?

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Release time:2018-12-20

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The main shaft is one of the main components of the Raymond mill. Sometimes the shaft deformation phenomenon occurs during use. When this phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to find out the cause and give a solution. Next, let us come to the Raymond mill to process the limestone main shaft deformation.
1. The particles of the feed are too large. After the material enters the interior of the Raymond mill, it will directly contact the spindle. If the particles of the material are too large, and the number of collisions with the spindle is much higher, the spindle will be deformed. . Therefore, we must control the particles of the material when feeding the Raymond mill, not too large.
2. The time for overloading the Raymond mill is relatively long. Any machine will cause some adverse effects on the Raymond mill after overloading. The overloaded work will inevitably increase the working pressure of the main shaft, which will aggravate the wear of the main shaft and slowly cause the main shaft to deform. Therefore, you must avoid overload work when you work.
3. The phenomenon that the main shaft has rust is not treated in time, and the main shaft is rusted. When the Raymond mill is running, some rust and materials will be mixed together, and the fineness of the finished product will be reduced. Moreover, the strength of the main shaft is lowered due to rust, which is very serious, and causes the Raymond mill to operate unevenly. Therefore, we must diligently check the use of the spindle, and what is wrong should be repaired immediately.
4. During operation, metal particles enter the interior of the Raymond mill. During operation, the metal particles will collide with the spindle, causing the spindle to deform. We must ensure that the Raymond mill feeds. No impurities.

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