Safe operation of metal shredder equipment in use

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Release time:2018-12-24

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Metal shredder equipment as a newly emerging metal recycling shredding, plastic, garbage, rubber recycling shredding equipment. Because of its special mechanical properties and low investment, it soon occupies a place in the market of environmental protection industry. As a professional shredder equipment manufacturer, it is necessary for us to share the relevant knowledge to avoid the misoperation of customers in production.
1. Preheating and idling of metal shredder equipment before starting, many people ignore this small detail, but facts have proved that it can greatly improve its working status and service life to operate the shredder safely before working.
2. Choose the same kind of material as far as possible, for example, when we tear wood, we will tear wood all the time, and when we tear open cans, we will tear open cans all the time, so as to ensure the working effect of the shredder, the shredded products will be more uniform and protect the shredder at the same time.
3. The lubrication of the shredder should be done well, not only to improve the output and production capacity, but also to prolong the service life of the shredder.
4. The equipment of metal shredder should be discharged completely after the work is finished before the machine is shut down. Our company's metal shredder equipment has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, dust can meet the environmental protection standards; easy to adjust, low maintenance costs, economic and durable; tool thickness and the number of claws can be replaced according to different materials.

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