Cautions for Use of Parts of Raymond Mill

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Release time:2019-01-19

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Raymond mill is widely used in grinding and processing in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields, and plays an important role. In the process of using Raymond mill, the assistance and cooperation of accessories are essential. In order to make the parts of Raymond Mill work well, the first step is to extend its service life, which requires attention to some details in the use of Raymond Mill. Some unavoidable problems may arise in the production process. When these problems are found, they should be solved in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of Raymond Mill.
1. The loosening of the screw or wearing of the washer at the joint of the pipeline will lead to air leakage. Then Raymond mill production will be affected.
2. If the adjustment of the powder lock is not in place, the seal will not be tight, which will lead to dust inversion and affect the output value of Raymond mill.
3. If the feed is excessive, the air duct may be blocked and the pipe exhaust is not smooth. This will lead to blocking phenomenon, which will reduce the production efficiency of Raymond Mill.
4. The loosening of fan triangle belt, the normal tightness of triangle belt should be adjusted, and it is the best to float up and down. If it is too loose, the fan will reduce the air flow, resulting in the coarsening of powder and the reduction of output value. If this situation is found, the tightness of triangle belt should be adjusted immediately.

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