Production line for kyanite powder

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Release time:2019-03-13

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Kyanite itself has little effect, but it has a great effect after grinding into powder. Kyanite powder is used in high temperature refractory materials, refractory mortar, cement and foundry resistant products. So what is the process flow of the kyanite powder production line?

Crushing: Kyanite has been passed through coarse crusher jaw crusher and impact crusher (or fine crusher jaw crusher). The jaw crusher is used to crush kyanite. The impact crusher is used for blue crystal. The stone is finely crushed, and the barite material is sieved by a circular vibrating sieve. The particle size is qualified to enter the next step of grinding, and the unqualified returning impact crusher (or fine crusher jaw crusher) continues to be broken.

Milling: The grit powder with acceptable particle size is sent to the storage bin by the bucket elevator, and then sent to the kyanite mill by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder for grinding. After grinding, the particle size of the product is selected by the classifier. Screening, qualified by the large cyclone collector, unqualified return to the kyanite mill grinding machine only need to grind.

Dust removal: The dust generated during the kyanite milling process must be separated from the kyanite powder and air by a multi-dust collector before it can be discharged into the air to ensure the environmental protection and pollution-free of the kyanite production line.

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