Do you really buy a grinding mill

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Release time:2019-03-19

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At present, the investment in the grinding mill is very hot. Many people have not spent time to understand the industry and they have started investing blindly. The consequences can be imagined. Today, Shuguang Heavy Industry will help you analyze the trend of the grinding mill. It is not too late to make a decision after you understand it.

Trend one, the mill design is more reasonable and the structure is more compact. The transition from ball mills to vertical mills has revealed this trend, with a smaller footprint, less equipment, and more space utilization, making sense for cost control, floor space reduction and efficiency.

Trend 2, milling equipment is intelligent and automated. Reducing manpower and easy operation is a common expectation for machinery. At present, many grinding equipments have been semi-automated at dawn. The use of automatic control not only guarantees the operation according to the production process, but also reduces the labor intensity of the operators, ensures the precision of the production process and real-time feedback, and improves the product quality.

Trend 3, the size of the mill is large, and the joint production of multiple small machines is feasible, but it greatly increases the investment cost, which is not worthwhile. With the advancement of science and technology and the development of technology, the current market is not only a grinding equipment, but also many crushing and sandstone equipment are also developing to large-scale, so "large equipment" is also one of the development trends of the mill.

If you encounter a mill that runs counter to the above three trends, you should never buy it. If you have any questions or plan to invest in this industry, welcome  to contact us.

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