Solve problem of calcium carbonate grinding mill fuel consumption

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Release time:2019-05-17

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In fact, reducing the consumption of calcium carbonate grinding mill wear is an easy way to do it. It is very important that we all know that if a machine wants to run an engine, the key is energy. In order to reduce fuel consumption, we need to start from the engine.

1. In the process of using calcium carbonate grinding mill, the air filter is directly related to the intake air volume of the engine. The air filter does not clog during the operation of the calcium carbonate grinding mill, but we all know that the working environment of the calcium carbonate grinding mill has been very bad. In the production process of the calcium carbonate grinding mill, special attention must be paid to the cleaning of the air filter.

2. Since the combustion chamber is prone to coke formation, it is difficult to start; the nozzle carbon deposits may also cause the fuel passage to be blocked, the fuel injection is deformed, and the fuel consumption of the atomization is naturally increased.

3. There are many reasons for sludge formation at the throttle, some of which are carbon deposits from the fuel combustion exhaust at the throttle, and residual impurities not filtered by the air filter at the throttle. Adding more sludge to the inlet will result in air resistance, which will result in increased fuel consumption.

It is not difficult to see from the above that the engine cleaning problem of the generator is very important. Only regular cleaning can ensure the normal operation of calcium carbonate grinding mill and reduce fuel consumption.

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