Applications of Calcium Carbonate Powders with Different Fineness

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Release time:2019-05-23

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Calcium carbonate grinding mill is an ideal grinding equipment for 200-2500 mesh calcium carbonate powder making. 

Calcium carbonate is a product of natural calcite, marble or chalk as a raw material, which is ground and mechanically graded to a certain degree of fineness. Powdered inorganic filler commonly used in calcium carbonate powder, with high chemical purity, large inertness, difficult chemical reaction, good thermal stability, no decomposition under 400 ° C, high whiteness, low oil absorption. Generally, products below 400 mesh are classified as coarse powder, 400-600 mesh is referred to as ordinary fineness product, and 600 mesh or more is referred to as ultrafine product.

Specific application of different fineness of calcium carbonate powder:

1. Within 200 mesh: (Use: It can be used in various feed additives with calcium content above 55.6 and no harmful ingredients)
2. 250 mesh to 300 mesh: (Use: plastic factory, rubber factory, paint factory, interior and exterior wall painting, waterproof material factory. Whiteness is above 85 degrees.
3. 350 mesh to 400 mesh: (Use: gusset plate, water pipe, chemical industry. Whiteness is above 93 degrees.
4. 400 mesh to 600 mesh: (Use: can be used in toothpaste paste, soap. Whiteness is above 94 degrees)
5. 800 mesh: (use rubber, plastic, cable, pvc whiteness above 94 degrees)
6. 1250 mesh: pvc, PE, paint, coating grade products, papermaking primer, paper coating (whiteness above 95 degrees).

Shuguang is a professional manufacturer of grinding machines. The mill equipments are: calcium carbonate grinding mill, Raymond mill, high pressure suspension roller mill, three Ring/four-ring superfine mill. It is an ideal equipment for processing limestone, calcite, calcium carbonate, barite, etc. The fineness of processing can be adjusted freely between 5- and 3000 mesh. At the same time, the mill production line can be customized for customers and equipped with suitable equipment. Until you are satisfied.

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