Analysis of calcium carbonate grinding mill failures

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Release time:2019-06-15

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Thanks to the modern control system of calcium carbonate grinding mill, the whole grinding process is made easier.And the calcium carbonate grinding mill machine has many advantages such as simple structure, superior output, easy maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection.  However, the new calcium carbonate grinding mill may be subject to mechanical failures due to improper operation or untimely maintenance by technicians. A simple analysis of the common calcium carbonate grinding mill failures.

1.Motor failure
The main power source of the calcium carbonate grinding mill is usually a large-scale energy-saving motor for production. However, due to the harsh working environment of the equipment, and some users need the machine to work 24 hours, this will undoubtedly bring huge losses to the motor. Usually, we recommend that the mechanical equipment should be shut down after working for more than ten hours. In addition to the necessary cooling and dust removal for the equipment, the other parts should be thoroughly overhauled to prevent problems before they occur.

2. Blocking powder
Calcium carbonate grinding mill is also more common, the main reason is that the material processed by the user is too humid. If the stone powder is too wet, the adhesion will increase, and it will be easily adsorbed near the powder discharge port, causing the finished product to not be shot, causing blockage of the equipment and seriously affecting the output. Therefore, if the moisture content of the material is too high, it is better to use the drying equipment to discharge the moisture of the material first. Further processing is carried out after the grinding standard is reached.

3. High bearing temperature
There are many important bearings in the grinding machine. However, due to the poor working environment of the equipment, it is easy to enter the dust if the bearing is not sealed properly. This will easily cause the temperature of the grinding machine bearing to rise in a short time and cause damage to the parts. . Therefore, in addition to ensuring normal lubrication during the use of the bearing, it is also necessary to pay attention to the work of sealing and dust removal. Once the temperature is too high, it should be treated in time.

Here is a brief analysis of the common technical problems of the grinding machine. If the grinding machine you use has the above symptoms, you should immediately deal with it in time to avoid unnecessary property damage.

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