Fastening bolts for calcium carbonate grinding mill

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Release time:2019-06-18

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There are dozens of bolts in calcium carbonate grinding mill. These bolts are tightened and loosened when running for 8 hours or the first feeding stop. In order to avoid bolt loosening or falling off, it is necessary to check all bolts in daily parking maintenance to avoid major accidents caused by bolt falling off. The following examples illustrate the importance of bolts on rocker arm and grinding roller.

Loose bolts in rocker arms can cause the following problems

1) The rocker arm spindle moves. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the bolts at one end of the rocker arm spindle are loosened and the bolts at the other end are still tightened, which makes the stress of the rocker arm spindle asymmetrical, that is, to move towards the other end.

2) Pin-bearing sleeve deformation. The jacket is also symmetrically installed. When the other end is loose and the other end is tightened, the force on the jacket will be asymmetrical and slight deformation will occur. This phenomenon can not be felt in normal operation, only when the rocker arm is disassembled can it be found.

3) The rocker arm seal frame falls off. When the bolts of the sealing frame wear loosely or fall off for a long time, the sealing frame may fall off. Once it falls into the inside of the calcium carbonate grinding mill, it may damage the roll sleeve.

Before operating calcium carbonate grinding mill,in addition to fastening bolts,we also need to pay attention to other parts,such as  separator,roller sleeve,grinding plate lining,and so on.

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