Precautions for purchasing mobile crushing station

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Release time:2020-12-14

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Mobile crushing station is an important equipment for semi-continuous mining of large open-pit mines, and it is also an ideal equipment for crushing and processing construction waste. However, many users do not know how to choose the right equipment. The following mainly introduces the 5 major factors to be considered when selecting a mobile crushing station.

1. The crushing capacity required by the user
The processing capacity is different, the crusher model selected will be very different.
1) The processing capacity of the crusher will be affected by the conveying capacity of the feeder. For example, the processing capacity of the crusher is 450 cubic meters per hour, and the conveying capacity of the feeder cannot be reached, which will definitely affect the processing capacity of the crushing station.
2) When selecting a feeder, the feed size of the material should also be considered, because the width of different feeders is limited, and it must be slightly larger than the feed size to operate normally, otherwise it will be stuck in the front of the hopper and cannot be removed. The material is unloaded into the crusher cavity for crushing.

3) The crushing capacity is also related to the volume of the hopper. If the hopper volume is too small, the feeder will quickly unload the material into the crusher cavity, and the hopper does not have enough remaining material. There will be dead time. This will affect the processing capacity of the crushing station, and trucks will also be restricted.

2. Supporting equipment owned by the user
Before designing a mobile crushing station, it is necessary to have sufficient understanding of the supporting equipment that the user has in the open-pit mine. The supporting equipment related to the semi-mobile crushing station mainly includes electric shovel, truck, crawler truck or crawler bulldozer.
1) Electric shovel and truck are short-distance transportation tools. If their production capacity matches the processing capacity of the crushing station, the crushing system formed will be operated normally, and its crushing capacity will be fully utilized to achieve the target processing capacity.If they do not match, resources will be wasted.

2) Crawler trucks and crawler bulldozers are relocation tools for mobile crushing stations. When designing, consider the handling capacity of the handling tool. If this point is ignored, the mobile crushing station design is a serious mistake.

3. Use conditions of mobile crushing station
Mobile crushing plants are mostly used in open-pit mines. In some areas, the temperature is low in winter, and extreme conditions of -20℃ or even -40℃ may occur. The design must consider whether the material has cold resistance.

Then it is necessary to consider the local earthquake level, wind force and snow thickness. The seismic load, wind load and snow load brought by these natural conditions will all affect the steel structure, depending on whether the material and structural characteristics of the crushing station can be satisfied. The forces caused by these loads.

4. Moving cycle of mobile crushing station
The mobile cycle of the mobile crushing station is also very important. Some crushing stations need to be moved once in 3-6 months, and some need to move the equipment once in 1-3 years. So from the mobile cycle, the frame structure of the semi-mobile crushing station can be determined.
1) For short-period relocation, it is necessary to consider that the overall structure is more convenient for frequent relocation and better adapted to the geographical environment. Usually, the short-period mobile crushing station will mostly adopt the trestle bridge type, relying on the stripping steps, instead of building expensive concrete retaining walls, only simple retaining walls and steel structure trestle bridges can be used for crushing. It is also possible to use natural slopes and set up natural hoppers to save costs.

2) For long-term relocation, it is necessary to consider whether the overall stability is suitable for long-term placement without affecting the performance of the crushing station. The crushing station of mobile equipment in the medium and long term often needs to design a large retaining wall of reinforced concrete structure, considering the load of the truck, the bearing capacity of the retaining wall, and the reasonable position of the hopper on the retaining wall.

5. The angle and distance of the main equipment of the mobile crushing station
The most important thing in the design of a mobile crushing station is the relationship between the main equipment. The main equipment is: feeder, crusher, and belt conveyor. These three equipment are closely related to each other.
The distance and height between the feeding conveyor and the crusher are often determined by the fluidity and processing capacity of the material. The feeding conveyor also has an angle with the horizontal plane, the purpose is to better control the flow of the material and the thickness of the material layer.

Generally, it is more reasonable when the included angle is 15 degrees, which will not affect the thickness of the material flow, and can also save the motor power. If the angle is too large, the drive power of the feeder will increase relatively; if the angle is too small, the vertical height of the crusher and the belt conveyor will also be affected.

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