Crawler mobile crushing station has a large market demand

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Release time:2020-12-29

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The crawler mobile crushing station integrates material receiving, crushing, conveying and other process equipment. Through the optimization of the process flow, it has excellent performance in rock crushing, aggregate production, and open-pit mining. It can be combined with different models. A powerful crushing operation line is formed to complete processing operations with multiple requirements. The crawler mobile crushing station is our company with advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, convenient use and maintenance, economical operating costs, stable and reliable work.

The complete set of crushing and screening equipment includes primary crushing station and secondary crushing and screening station, belt conveyor, etc.Each level of crushing station is an independent work unit, which can perform different responsibilities. The belt conveyor is responsible for the material transfer and stacking between each crushing station.The noise muffler in the crawler mobile crushing station is an advanced noise absorption system, an effective dust removal system, and a suitable diesel engine noise discharge situation. The release system can remotely control the hydraulic pressure to remove obstacles in the mobile crushing station. The pre-screening device greatly improves the crushing efficiency.

Turning construction waste into treasure, construction waste through raw material activation, physical treatment, reasonable grading and other processing technology, the production of recycled environmentally friendly products, whether in compression, bending, heat insulation and other aspects have obvious advantages. More than 40 environmentally friendly building materials have been developed using construction waste. The solid brick series have the characteristics of strong weathering resistance and no radiation, and the service life is longer than traditional sintered bricks by more than 20 years. Use waste bricks and tiles from construction waste to produce aggregates for the production of recycled bricks. The production process and equipment are relatively simple and mature, free of sintering, stable product performance, and large market demand. Recycled concrete aggregate can be widely used in municipal roads and bridge projects; grass-planting bricks have high strength, environmental protection, non-slip, and strong durability, and can be used on streets, squares, gardens and other pavements.

The crawler mobile crushing station can crush construction waste, coal gangue, coal, river pebbles, quartz sand, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz stone, etc., especially for material processing and liquid stone processing that require relocation operations. They are commonly used in construction waste treatment, sand and gravel yard, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing station, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization and other fields. According to the specific needs of users, the integrated mobile crusher is composed of multiple machines such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, circular vibrating screen, conveyor, and centralized electric control. The construction waste is sent into the crushing cavity by the feeder, and the processed finished products are screened in the screening machine. The qualified finished products are screened into the finished product warehouse. The unqualified ones need to be crushed again until they are qualified. According to the characteristics of the original ore and the requirements of the finished products, we can choose to configure fine crusher or sand making machine. Due to the different core crushers and auxiliary equipment configured on the vehicle, the principles of mobile stone crushers of different specifications are different.

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