How to avoid the wear method of sand making machine parts

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Release time:2021-03-22

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Industrial mine sand making machines work all year round in the open air. After severe vibration and operation, some parts will be deformed and worn during the working process. If you want to ensure the normal and stable operation of the sand making machine, you must avoid finding ways to avoid parts wear,and timely replacement of worn parts to prevent affecting production operations.

The wearing parts and accessories of the sand making machine mainly include impeller mouth guard ring, bearing, motor pulley, V-belt, plate hammer, counterattack liner, empty impeller, main shaft and so on.The use time of these parts depends on whether the customer's repair work is in place. About three to five months after use, the repair should be carefully checked and repaired. If wear or wear is found, it should be recorded in time to avoid accidents and measures are too late.Some accessories are repaired or replaced according to the production situation.Among them, the wear failure time of the blow bar is relatively short, and the repair cost is quite high.

Therefore, the first to solve the problem of high-efficiency wear is to reduce the wear of the blow hammer. It is mainly analyzed from the following aspects: 
1. The high-efficiency processing capacity of the sand making machine has a certain impact on the wear of the blow hammer. When the processing capacity increases, the product particle size will become coarser, the crushing ratio will decrease, and the unit loss rate of the hammer will also increase; changing the size of the discharge gap can also change the thickness of the product particle size to a certain extent. Hammer wear also has a certain effect.
2. The material to be crushed has an important impact on the wear of the hammer, including factors such as material hardness, feed size and water content. The hardness of the material has a greater impact. For different crushed materials, different sand making machines should be selected.
3. The influence of speed. The linear speed directly affects the impact energy and the crushing ratio of the impact energy exerted by the hammer on the material, and it also plays a decisive role in the particle size of the product.

The above is an effective way to avoid the wear of sand making machine parts provided by Shuguang Machinery, and hope to help your production.

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