Causes of high temperature and component temperature in Raymond mill chamber

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Release time:2018-10-18

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Raymond mill is a very common grinding equipment in the grinding industry. It is suitable for processing all kinds of non-flammable and explosive mineral materials with hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 6%. Sometimes Raymond mill will appear in the use of the process of excessive temperature, mainly in the cabin temperature and parts of the temperature is too high two cases, many people do not know how to solve. This article mainly shares the reasons and solutions for the high temperature of Raymond mill.

Raymond mill parts are too hot

In the process of Raymond grinding, it is normal for components to rise in temperature. Because, as the running time of equipment increases, the friction time between components and materials, between components and components is also getting longer and longer, which will inevitably lead to temperature rise. However, if the temperature of the parts of Raymond mill is too high, it will not only reduce the production efficiency of the equipment, but also may cause great harm to Raymond mill.

1、Bearing temperature too high

The lubrication of the bearing part has great influence on the efficiency and quality of the grinding equipment. If the bearing is not properly maintained, can not add and replace lubricating oil in time according to the provisions, or the bearing parts are not tightly sealed, resulting in more oil fouling, it will increase the friction resistance of Raymond mill bearings, resulting in excessive temperature of Raymond mill bearing parts.

In order to prevent the bearing temperature of Raymond mill from being too high, lubricating oil should be added in time, and the cleanliness of lubricating oil should be guaranteed, and the pollution of parts caused by dust and impurities should be prevented.

2、Grinding roller grinding ring temperature too high

In the grinding production, the grinding ring of the grinding roll is a part directly in contact with the material, so the friction force is large, and it is easy to form damage.
In view of this situation, when we use Raymond mill, we should pay attention to control the hardness and particle size of the material to be grinded, in order to reduce the friction of the roller grinding ring. After milling for a period of time, be careful to stop and rest. If the wear of components is serious, it is necessary to replace the new grinding roller in time.

3、Fan temperature is too high

When Raymond mill is running, sometimes we unconsciously touch the fan equipment, which leads to the change of the wind pressure of the fan and causes the motor to heat up.

When the fan temperature is too high, it will seriously affect the normal operation of Raymond mill. Therefore, when using Raymond grinding powder, we must avoid this happening.

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