What should roller mill manufacturers pay attention to when disassembling?

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Release time:2019-01-09

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Raymond mill as a special grinding machine, can be seen in all major mining areas. Raymond mill has gradually become an important equipment in the grinding industry. Roller mill is one of the important parts of Raymond mill. For Raymond mill, the installation, use and disassembly of equipment need to follow strict steps. The roller mill manufacturer reminds you that you need to pay attention to these when you need to replace them.
First of all, when disassembling the roller mill, we should pay attention to the selection of disassembly tools and the correct disassembly steps and sequence, strictly abide by these can effectively prevent the damage of the accessories around the roller mill. When disassembling, first turn the bearing device out, then check the end clearance of the grinding roller bearing, remove the roller sleeve and shaft assembly from the grinding roller head, and pull the inner ring of the bearing out of the grinding roller shaft after one disassembly of the fittings. Then the grinding roller bearing seat is removed from the grinding roller shaft. At this time, the upper and lower outer rings of the bearing remain in the bearing seat. Select suitable tools to pull out the outer rings of the bearing, so that the disassembly step of the roller mill is completed.

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