Ways to Improve the Service Life of Raymond pulverizer

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Release time:2019-01-10

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Raymond pulverizer is a kind of energy-saving and efficient pulverizing equipment, which is widely used in industry, mining, building materials, chemical industry and other fields, and is favored by the majority of users. It also plays an important role in the application of some new environmental protection materials. Every equipment has a life, of course, Raymond pulverizer is no exception, but if the user daily operation of effective maintenance and maintenance, will make the life of equipment to be extended, what are the specific practices?
1. Ring grinding roller, as an important part of Raymond machine, is the key part of whether Raymond grinding can work normally. Generally, the roller needs to be replaced after more than 600 hours. The links in the roller sleeve and the rolling bearings should be cleaned, the oil and dust removed, the worn parts should be replaced in time, and the service life of the parts should be effectively protected by adding lubricant.
2. After working for a period of time, one thing that can not be neglected is repair, such as replacing the worn and fragile parts of the equipment, and also tightening bolts and nuts to prevent loosening.
3. It is very good to work out safe operation rules when using equipment, which can ensure the normal operation of Raymond mill for a long time. It also needs to equip necessary maintenance tools, grease, replacement parts and so on.
4. When the work is finished, the feeding should be stopped first, and then the main engine should continue to rotate until the remaining material is polished and removed, then the motor of the main engine can be shut down, followed by the motor of the fan and the motor of the analyzer.

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