How to avoid overload of simple stone crushing machine in production?

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Release time:2019-01-11

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In the daily production process, we must pay attention to whether the simple stone crushing machine has abnormal noise when it is running. If it feels abnormal, we should stop the machine in time to check the defective parts, so as to ensure normal production. The load test of simple stone crusher can be carried out only when the air-running test is good. Load test time should not be less than 8 hours of continuous operation, determine whether the actual discharge rate and output of simple stone crushing machine meet the requirements, and ensure that the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 35 degrees. Simple stone crushing machine should work smoothly, should not have more violent vibration, the firmware should be firm and reliable. The lubrication points of simple crusher must be filled with grease and grease. The seal should be good and there is no leakage. If the output or particle size does not meet the requirements during operation, adjusting bolts by movable device can be used. If it is found that the current fluctuation is unstable during operation, it is necessary to check whether the feed size meets the requirements, and the load test can be put into operation after normal operation.

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