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Release time:2019-03-15

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Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Industry is selling perlite pulverizer mills with excellent quality and low price.

Perlite is a rock with pearl luster. Its color is usually red, blue, gray or dark green. It has good heat insulation, fire resistance, sound absorption, non-toxicity and chemical stability. It can be used in the fields of construction, chemical, hydropower, etc., and can be used to manufacture heat-insulating sound-absorbing panels, heat-insulating glass, and the like.

The perlite pulverizer mill is a milling equipment that must be used in the processing of perlite. It plays an important role in improving the taste and comprehensive recovery of perlite. It has the advantages of high milling efficiency, high output and low energy consumption.

Shuguang Heavy Industry's technical strength is very strong, with a group of professional production team and R & D team, each of the perlite pulverizer mills produced is very guaranteed, the sales of equipment has been independently undertaken by Shuguang Heavy Industry, so no middlemen from the policy of earning the difference and selling at a low price makes the price of the perlite mill the current low price in the industry. 

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