Factors affecting the grinding fineness of perlite pulverizer mill

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Release time:2019-03-16

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The fineness of the perlite pulverizer mill is expressed as the size of the finished product after the perlite mill grinds the material. What factors will be affected by the fineness of the perlite pulverizer mill during the operation of the equipment? What about the impact? The detailed analysis is as follows:
1. Classifier opening height
In many perlite grinding production lines, if the size of the classifier opening cannot be properly adjusted during the installation process, the grinding operation and the fineness of the grinding may be affected. Therefore, it is recommended that users pay attention to check the opening size and height setting of the classifier during the installation and production of the perlite mill.
2. Analysis machine blade wear
In the grinding and milling operation of the perlite mill, if the blade of the analyzer is seriously worn, the fineness of the material will become coarse after grinding, which will affect the quality of the mill. At the same time, in the case that the blade of the analyzer is worn more severely, It will also affect the overall production performance of the perlite mill and even shorten the service life of the equipment.
3. Wear of wearing parts such as grinding roller rings
As the grinding operation continues, the perlite grinding machine grinding roller grinding ring and the like as parts that are in direct contact with the material, there will be different degrees of wear during the long-term grinding and milling process, once the grinding roller wear ring is seriously worn Will affect the fineness of the Raymond mill.

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