What are the causes of mill gear damage

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Release time:2019-05-20

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In the process of calcium carbonate grinding mill  operation, gear failure is not a rare problem that we will meet, if the roller gear damage, this will cause grinding mill cannot work, how to avoid the happening of this kind of situation?Shuguang is  going to give you some advice!

1. Lubricate the roll in time
Calcium carbonate grinding mill  in the process of operation, the work environment is poor, if the impact of dust particles may produce fruit friction, then damage grinding mill. Therefore, we need to add lubricating oil in time to prevent the occurrence of similar things!

2. Set a certain work break time
Calcium carbonate grinding mill  of some of the parts in the process of work uninterrupted contact with stone, very prone to wear and tear, but if we can equipment some reasonable time to rest, can alleviate this problem, thus prolonging the life of the calcium carbonate grinding mill.

3. Replace worn parts in time
Some parts of calcium carbonate grinding mill belong to wear and tear accessories,  we need change frequently, if we do not change in time, not only affect our work, also can produce some other harm to calcium carbonate grinding mill !

Calcium carbonate grinding mill damage may have many causes, but a large part of all is caused by the above reasons, so we use in calcium carbonate grinding mill , it is important to a more reasonable use of calcium carbonate grinding mill  and create more benefits!

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