How to reduce calcium carbonate grinding mill wear power

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Release time:2019-05-21

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Calcium carbonate grinding mill is a kind of very important grinding mill machinery, global demand in hundreds of thousands of units a year, so there are many the grinding mill plant manufacturers, but the calcium carbonate grinding mill is a kind of power consumption is very large machinery, a variety of stone mills in the world every day of calcium carbonate grinding mills are constantly running, so we should reduce the power consumption of calcium carbonate grinding mill. 

Zhengzhou shuguang heavy machinery co., LTD. Will give you some calcium carbonate grinding mill operation skills to help you reduce your electricity consumption, so you can make more profit!

(1) When we use calcium carbonate grinding mill, must prepare the sufficient raw material, the process of reproduction, reduce unnecessary, this will increase the effective working time, it is equivalent to the same power consumption, but more calcium carbonate grinding mill products, so that the power consumption per unit product is dropped.

(2) When we do not use calcium carbonate grinding mill, we need to disconnect calcium carbonate grinding mill power in time. It should also be used when calcium carbonate grinding mill is on standby. If we cut off the power, there will be no such problem!

(3) The calcium carbonate grinding mill of the power cord, very good quality copper wire is used, the power cord is not only more durable, also can let calcium carbonate grinding mill at work when the power is more stable, while reducing resistance!

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