800 mesh calcium carbonate grinding mill

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Release time:2019-06-21

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 As a kind of important building material which is widely used in industry,calcium carbonate powder's fineness standards are 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 800 mesh and 1250 mesh.

There are many kinds of calcium carbonate grinder mills, such as Raymond mill, vertical roller mill, European plate mill, ultra-fine vertical roller mill, three-ring medium-speed grinding mill and so on, which can process heavy calcium carbonate powder of different fineness range. Among them, 800 meshes belong to the range of ultra-fine powder, which needs to be processed by such professional ultra-fine powder equipment as ultra-fine vertical roller mill and three-ring medium-speed grinding mill.

LH Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine is a new type of ultra-fine grinding equipment designed and developed by Shuguang Heavy Machinery, which is based on the research and manufacture experience of the fourth generation grinding mill in 30 years and the roller technology of ultra-fine vertical roller grinding in Germany. It can be widely used in non-ferrous materials such as calcium carbonate, calcite, marble, limestone, talc, barite and dolomite. Ultrafine grinding of metallic minerals is recommended equipment for large-scale production of non-metallic minerals.

Performance advantages of calcium carbonate grinding mill:

1. Excellent quality of finished products
Using the principle of material layer grinding, the material has short residence time in grinding, less repeated grinding, less iron content, high whiteness and cleanliness of finished products; the grinding curve of specially designed roll sleeve and liner can be grinded to the required fineness at one time (0.045-0.02mm). Calcium carbonate 800 mesh is 0.15mm, which can meet the grinding requirement of 800 mesh calcium carbonate.

2. Fine flour separation technology
With the principle of multi-wheel flour separation, all the rotors can be adjusted by variable frequency, and the fineness of finished products can be achieved within the selected range; and when producing the same fineness finished products, it can save 30% - 50% energy than the ordinary mill; and the reproducibility of multi-varieties production is very high.

3. Operation safety
Equipped with mechanical and electronic limit devices, to avoid destructive impact and vibration; using PLC/DCS automatic control of roller pressure control mode, accurate control, without manual operation; vertical roller lubrication station, can fully lubricate and prevent oil leakage.

4. Easy maintenance and environmental protection

The grinding rollers do not contact the grinding disc directly, and have less wear and tear and long service life. The grinding rollers can be overturned and repaired, which is convenient and quick, and reduces the loss of shutdown. The grinding rollers have small vibration, low noise, good overall sealing, no dust spillover, and are clean and environmentally friendly.

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