What factors affect the fineness of grinding mill

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Release time:2019-06-24

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The grinding fineness of a grinding mill is one of the criteria to measure its performance. Therefore, it is necessary to control its grinding fineness. Then, what factors affect the fineness of the grinding mill?

1. Low grinding pressure
The grinding pressure of abrasive layer grinding principle mainly comes from the extrusion force of the grinding ring and the grinding ring on the material. When the grinding pressure is small, the grinding degree of the material is low, and the finished product will be coarse. Therefore, in the grinding production line, the type and power of the main engine should be selected reasonably to ensure that the crushing force of the grinding roll to the material layer meets the requirements.

2. Improper adjustment of rotor speed
In order to improve the uniformity of the finished product, the grinding mill is classified according to the principle of multi-head powder selection. Each rotor can be adjusted by frequency conversion. The adjustment of rotor speed is of great significance for controlling the fineness of the discharged material. Therefore, if the vertical abrasive material is too coarse, the rotor can be readjusted pertinently.

3. Wear of Parts and Components
The grinding machine runs for about 11 hours a day. In the process of long-term material contact, the blades, rolls, lining plates and other parts of the flour separator are subject to high impact wear, which has a certain impact on the fineness of the discharged material.

Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out for the grinding mill. It is impossible to replace the damaged ones to ensure the normal fineness of the grinding machine.

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