How much is a mobile tire crushing plant

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Release time:2020-12-24

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It is indeed a good idea to make sand with various stones! Under the circumstances of strict environmental protection inspections and high prices of sand and stone, it is indeed a good project to invest in the sand making industry, and the mobile tire crusher is popular with the public due to its own performance and is often used in sand and gravel plants. This article will talk about it. Let’s talk about its performance and price.

Mobile tire crushing plant-"a movable crushing sand production line"
Mobile tire crushing plant-"a movable crushing sand production line"
Here is a grand introduction to the mobile tire crusher for you. This equipment is a very popular product in the past two years. With it, you don’t have to worry about investing and building a factory site; With it, you don’t have to worry about subsequent equipment installation anymore.It is called "movable production line" and is a good choice for your investment in sand making. The mobile tire crushing plant is a vehicle-mounted all-in-one machine, which can install the vibrating feeder, crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen and other equipment on the vehicle to realize the function of walking at will and making sand at any time.

Why do most users choose tire mobile crushing plant?
1. High degree of intelligence and easy operation
The mobile tire crushing plant adopts PLC control system and one-button operation, which greatly reduces the demand for manpower and saves expenses for the enterprise.
2. Strong adaptability to the environment
The mobile tire crushing plant does not require equipment installation and can work in various sites. The whole machine occupies a small area and has its own generator set, which can work normally without power or power failure.
3. Meet environmental protection requirements
Our mobile tire crusher can be configured as a fully enclosed type, without pollution in all processes such as conveying, crushing, and screening.In addition, the addition of spray humidification equipment at the inlet and outlet can greatly reduce dust pollution and meet environmental protection production indicators.

How much is the mobile tire crushing plant?
After reading the above content, users may think that since the mobile tire crushing plant has so many advantages, the price must be very expensive! This is related to the model and quantity of the equipment you choose. According to the specific configuration, the price of different crushers and sand making machines is naturally different. Take the sand making machine that is more advanced, the HVI impact sand making machine. Its performance will definitely be better than that of ordinary sand making machines, and the price will be relatively higher. But then again, you get what you pay for. Even though the price of good equipment is high, it must be more efficient and have a good user experience. It is also excellent value for money, in addition, according to the user's requirements for the quality of the finished stone, a sand washing machine can be configured for cleaning.

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