Introduction of energy-saving mobile crushing plant

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Release time:2021-01-04

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The advent of the energy-saving mobile crushing station has completely solved the limitation of the traditional crushing production line on the construction site, saving a lot of infrastructure, relocation, transportation and other costs. It is flexible in movement, convenient in operation, compact in structure, high in production efficiency, and environmentally friendly.What’s more important is that the equipment has strong power and fuel saving capabilities, and each piece of equipment can save about 60%-70% of electricity costs.

The energy-saving mobile crushing plant is a high-tech crusher designed and developed by our company with the introduction of mature European technology. It has mature technology and complete functions. It can be adapted to hundreds of types of construction waste, limestone, river pebble, gold ore, iron ore, etc. Materials are widely used in many fields such as environmental protection, energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, urban construction, road and bridge construction, etc.

Energy-saving mobile crushing station structure
Energy-saving mobile crushing stations are divided into two different forms: crawler type and tire type, generally composed of crushing system, screening system, feeding system, conveying system, electric control device, etc. Among them, the crushing system is the key part of the entire crushing station. It can be composed of jaw crushing, counter-attack crushing, cone crushing, hammer crushing, and impact crushing. Customers can choose according to actual production needs. The main purpose is to crush and process materials; The system is to sort and process the crushed materials rationally, and screen them into different specifications to better apply to different fields; the feeding system is to send the bulk materials in the silo to the crushing system evenly and quantitatively. The crawler mobile sand crusher is equipped with sand making and screening equipment. The fineness can be adjusted according to requirements, and it can also produce stones and fine sand at the same time.

Energy-saving mobile crushing station has outstanding advantages
1. Strong flexibility and more convenient movement

The integrated unit structure and high vehicle-mounted chassis are convenient for driving on ordinary roads and more suitable for rough and harsh road environments, saving time and transportation costs for entering the construction site, and helping to enter the construction site faster and more accurately , It saves more than 15% of time cost for the entire crushing process and provides more flexible working space.

2. Effective operation and lower material transportation costs

According to the needs of customers, for different types of materials, more reasonable and scientific process plans can be equipped, the assembly is more flexible and changeable, and the more optimized operation effect can be achieved;in addition, the crushing station follows the principle of "disposal nearby", which can directly crush on-site materials, eliminating the intermediate links of re-crushing and re-processing away from the site, and reducing material transportation costs by about 20%.

3. Energy saving and higher operating cost

It has a good detachable function, which avoids all the replacement of the entire parts and causes the undesirable phenomenon of parts waste, and saves more than 40% of the maintenance cost; secondly, the equipment has a more sophisticated component configuration, high efficiency and high yield, and the output is increased by 60%. The hybrid electric energy device can save more than 70% of fuel consumption without pollution and noise. It is an ideal equipment for environmental protection, energy saving and low carbon.

4. Low price and significant economic return

The energy-saving mobile crushing station not only costs less for operation, but also has a very cheap price, which is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan lower than the price of traditional mobile crushing stations. It can be said that it has achieved the ideal effect of high quality and low price; The performance is good, and the cost recovery period is very short, generally within two and a half months, which creates higher economic benefits for the enterprise.

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