Reasonable combination of high-efficiency ore crushing production lines

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Release time:2021-01-06

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A matching sand and gravel production line with reasonable accessories is the key to ensuring effective operation and generating efficient profits.

Every ore production line must consider factors such as material composition, crushing effect, particle size, etc. When suggesting a scientific production line, it is not arbitrarily to combine equipment together. The production line must be tailored according to the conditions of material conditions, output requirements, and finished product requirements. The production line that saves effort and effort is the goal.

The following recommends a few common high-quality, scientific production line accessories solutions for you. I hope it will be helpful for you to choose the production line:

1. Stationary ore crushing production line configuration
1. Feeder + Jaw crusher + inpact crusher + Vibrating Screen + Conveyor Belt
This is a common crushing sand making production line. The jaw crusher is responsible for the initial crushing, and various ore materials are crushed and processed into the required particle size for the second crushing. As the second breaking link, impact crusher can not only achieve the fine breaking effect, but also realize the plastic modification function.Make the processed material uniform in particle size, and the particle shape is very good.

Stationary production line: Jaw crusher + impact crusher + vibrating screen work site
Scope of application: Small and medium-sized sand and gravel yard, used for processing bluestone, limestone, weathered stone, dolomite, shale and other materials with relatively low hardness.

2. Feeder + Jaw Crusher + Cone Crusher + Sand Making Machine + Impact Crusher + Vibrating Screen + Conveyor Belt
This production line is suitable for large-scale sand and gravel yards. The "jaw crusher + cone crusher" can be crushed wherever it goes, and all kinds of ores can be quickly crushed into fine particles. The impact crusher is a classic sand making and shaping machine. The grain shape of the material after the cone crusher is not very good. The impact crusher is subjected to necessary modification and ultra-fine crushing treatment, and then the sand washing machine is used for impurity removal and purification. The material quality is very good.

Stationary production line: jaw crusher + cone crusher work site
Scope of application: large-scale beneficiation, building materials sand and gravel yard, used to process metal ores such as granite, river pebble, basalt, quartz stone, iron ore, etc. or non-metallic ores with high hardness. The effect is very good.

3. Feeder + heavy hammer breaking + impact breaking + vibrating screen + conveyor belt
As a classic "one-time crushing and forming" equipment, the heavy hammer crusher has a very high output design, and the heavy hammer crusher is the same as the impact crusher. It is mainly used to process materials with relatively low hardness. The shape of the material is not very good, and an impact crusher will be added at the back for shaping treatment.

Fixed production line: heavy hammer crusher + impact crusher work site
Scope of application: large-scale sand and gravel plants, processing coal gangue, coal slag, slag, etc., which have low material requirements and are used in plants with relatively large output requirements.

4. Feeder + compound crusher (double roller crusher, fine crusher, two-stage crusher) + vibrating screen + conveyor belt
Compound crusher, roller crusher, and fine crusher are common three-stage crushing equipment, which mainly realize fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing operations. They are also common sand making equipment. They can be operated separately or combined with fine jaw crushers. The equipment output design is small, which is mainly suitable for the needs of homework and suitable for use in smaller factories.

Scope of application: suitable for the treatment of dry and wet materials such as coal gangue, cement clinker, weathered rock, etc., for use in small sand and gravel yards.

2. Mobile ore crushing production line configuration
The mobile production line is mainly used to process materials that are widely distributed, and need to be replaced frequently, and are used in workplaces with relatively strong fluidity. It is mainly equipped with mobile jaw crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile hammer crusher, etc. There are other matching forms that can be reasonably matched according to the actual needs of users.

Mobile ore crushing and sand making production line: multi-machine combination of crawler crushing station

The mobile ore crushing production line is one of the very popular crushing production lines in recent years. Because of its flexible equipment configuration, it can be equipped with various crushing equipment according to the actual needs of users to process different materials, and the output is designed at 40 per hour. -400 tons, suitable for the production needs of mass users, tailor-made production mode has won the favor of many users.

Mobile ore crushing production line: working site of tire crushing station
Scope of application: It is used to process any production plant area with relatively strong fluidity and unrestricted production environment. It is used to process various construction waste, brick slag, bricks, and various ores, rocks and other materials. The processing range is very wide.

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