Crawler mobile crushing station brings new life to abandoned quarries

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Release time:2021-01-08

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The acceleration of large-scale road construction, railway transportation, and real estate development has increased the demand for sand and gravel materials, which has brought a new spring to the machine-made sand market. At the same time, the crawler mobile crushing station has also brought new life to the abandoned quarry.

1. Formation and future planning of abandoned quarries
As we all know, whether it is urban planning or road relocation, a large amount of stone is needed. Natural sand has been unable to meet the production needs, so it is necessary to produce a large amount of machine-made stone to fill the production gap. Due to the poor environmental protection awareness in the past and the insufficient technical level of the selected stone processing equipment, there are many unreasonable methods in the quarrying process, thus forming an abandoned quarry.
Therefore, its more reasonable redevelopment and utilization has become one of the main issues of social concern. In this regard, mining machinery related engineers have designed and produced crawler mobile crushing plants.It can actively respond to the complex quarrying terrain and make great contributions to the construction of abandoned quarries.

2. How to deal with the crawler mobile crushing station in the abandoned quarry
1. Go straight to the site and actively respond to complex terrain
The integrated sophisticated structural design, the chassis adopts a crawler-type all-steel structure combination, which will not damage the road surface, and at the same time adapt to rugged, mountainous, wetland, narrow and other harsh terrain environments, and can actively respond to complex terrain environments.

2. Diesel engine with good performance can handle low temperature environment
It adopts a newer high-energy diesel engine with low noise, sufficient kinetic energy, and more powerful power. It is a stable, reliable, high-efficiency and high-yield power source. The engine is equipped with a low-temperature preheating start system, which can overcome the low temperature environment of -35℃.

3. Mature equipment construction, powerful crushing function
With large driving force and freedom of equipment assembly, it can be equipped with corresponding sand making machines, jaw crushers, counterattack crushers, cone crushers, vibrating screens, etc. according to needs. It has more mature equipment construction methods, powerful crushing functions and excellent overall performance.

4. Low-carbon design to achieve green working status
The fuselage is beautiful in design and integrated with low-carbon principles. In the work of the equipment, it can achieve the ideal state of low pollution and low noise, and it is easy to operate and precise in control. Its operating direction can be controlled by the computer.

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